Saturday, September 22, 2012

Few Thought in Photographic Gear

I am witnessing this year's Photokina fair as one of the busiest in record. Each day there is no shortage of new product launched, range from consumer to professional and enterprise level. As a shutterbug hobbyist, this is the next best place outside Heaven.

Reality strikes when you start looking at the bottom line. The so-called Prosumer-level best-of-the range camera varies between two and half  to five and half grant US, depending on the brand. With that amount, it is enough to pay up your full tuition of uni or buying yourself a second-hand car.

Don't get me wrong. These are great cameras, with huge mega-pixel, high ISO setting, wide dynamic range, best performed with high-end optical and fast speed lens. IMO the pricing is, perhaps too aggressive,  not unreasonable.

I often ask this question. Does camera gear really justify their existence and worth. They are essentially single-task technology. The latest iPhone, which can perform lot more task, cost just over $700 upfront. 

Ming Thein has the answer in his popular blog, 

"One of the reasons why the photographic industry is still growing despite passing saturation point some time ago is because of the photographers themselves: they don’t know when to stop."

The saturation point that Ming refers to is the optimal quality of print/size, in terms of mega-pixel, relative to human eyes. When it comes to choosing the right gears, "Photographers" are blind-folded by the marketing of the industry. Ming refers, I believe, particularly to the young (photography age) guns. I don't think that he refers to those who has experience in film photography, where you learn to be more discipline and critical in making photographic decision.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eastman Kodak 2012 vs Apple 1997

-> 120 years old elephant vs. 20 years old safari baby-mammal (Puma, Jaquar, Panther, Leopard, Tiger, Lion ...)

-> photography experience vs. user (human/computer) experience

-> A.Perez? vs. S.Jobs

-> staff payroll vs. share option

-> share price $0.55 (January 18) vs. $3.42 (July 4)

Your contribution is welcome.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two IT Genius

Steve Jobs simply does thing the way that he knows best, even for his retirement.

He uses minimal word in a letter to communicate his message, leaving his (next to largest) listed company on the same day. Unlike other (American) corporate handover, Mr Jobs has passed the torch at its prime, and executes a smooth transition. But then I realize, isn't this same philosophy that has already been reflected in all his product design: the hardware/software in cool appearance working seamlessly as one.

I love using Apple product, so I may be biased. There is no doubt about the genius of Mr Job and, through his product, his impact to many of us in different part of the world.

This is so true, but only to those of us live in a digital city. As I understand, there is still more than half of the world population whose need will not be filled by iPhone or iPad.

Coincidentally another IT genius is making an impact of different kind, push for the available of cost-effective medication; pollution-free water and nutrient food for children in under-developed countries. That's right, this is Mr Gates (aka the pirates) and his foundation.

The old Bill has never impressed me. But what he and his foundation is trying to achieve is simply awesome.

So two IT genius are changing the world.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

From Natural Disaster to Japanese Cultural

While the media releases footages revealing the magnitude of destruction and casualty report, it is so surreal to watch how it happens.

If there is any positive message from all these (I need one), it would be the spirit of Japanese culture.

To me Japanese have already demonstrated their communitarian over last few days. While those who have lost love-one and possession, they show little grudge. They wipe in tears, but still hold up with dignity. Even when panic is already spreading, social order very much continues.

They have touched me.

Growing up from a historical background where Japanese imperial army has invaded, and with Manga playing a role in my adolescence, the nation to me symbolises reinvention.

The new Japan still keeps its cooperative root, although with blend religion. The nation is resilent to cope with adversity as post-war has revealed.

In some way, their culture transcends hardship and individual sacrifice. Such moral has hold up against time, from Harakiri to the era of mass culture (see example).

If one has to pick a country that could come out from major disaster, Japan should be among the discussion.

Will continue to pray for this nation.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

EOY in Reflection

Don't you feel that each year seems go faster, and it's now this time of the year again.

So am I really spending my time Getting Things Done, or am I just using quality time on other things and then cramping in the rest.

Chances are, those of us who attach to digital lifestyle is more tied-up and have no time to think and GTD. "iPhone app users spend around 5mins per session. iPad sessions are over 20mins per session" (Gabby Shaw, ABC Innovation). Btw, if you owe one, the following is a great read ('Why I return my iPad').

I do not owe any Tablet, but have recently found an equally time-consuming hobby through online auction. Part of my execuse is the rare opportunity arises in the second-hand market, stirred-up by some European collectors ...

Things have quickly fallen back to earth over past months, among some domestic transition. I could now look forward to what's ahead.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video Killed The Foto World?

I admit that i am a bit of slow burner. It has caught my attention that, a growing realisation where video is becoming the preferred image medium (
link), for Net-gen especially. It comes no surprised that traditional photographer finds it a bit overwhelmed.

I like how Kirk Tuck unpacks the workflow of photography, from a 'manifested' perspective. One would argue how much more efficient it could become if DC is invented without the little screen.

"You may find that clients treat you more like an artist and less like a technician. You’ll find that you will have created a differentiating niche ... sporting a digital Rebel."

But here it is. Photography is now shaped by the pace of digital camera technology. Photo-artist is keen in exploring a new genre of videos, differentiating from cinematic and television.

I only hope it won't be breaking pocket.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All "Dogs" eying Soccer World Cup

I am not real soccer fan. But I embrace the competitive spirit of team sport, so I stay up for the big event.

This World Cup has just completed quarter-final phase, plently of "big-dogs" (like France, Italy, Brazil) already get overthrown. Most analysis that I get have rated their poor performance directly result of team unity (coaching?) and poor umpiring. One loss after another has throttled their fans; advertisers who have spent mega-buck (btw, have you noticed most players in this Nike commercial already been knocked out); and last but not the least, FIFA.

Germany is the "hot-dog" of this World Cup. But had they not performed beyond expectation, the quarter-final would instead feature Argentina vs England, a dream match-up. How could FIFA lets this slip away.

Crediting the local broadcasting networks, they create a new tribe of "sleepy-dogs" who battle to work every morning. With all matches are broadcasted live all night-long, from local restaurant; pub; public big-screen; betting branch; even the mobile-device of the person standing next to you. Commuters won't get miss out either, subway station and ferry pier have the game highlights playing.

Is there anywhere we could get a break from these demoralizing video-clips.