Monday, April 19, 2010

On-flight Entertainer

On my way from Sydney to Hongkong, I'm sitting two rows behind a young couple with their 1+ year old. Not sure why the infant is not happy, she is crying right from the start.

I feel sympathic to the couple. When you are sitting in the cabin and your infant is crying, your option is limited. You wish that she could be able to entertain on her own, like reading book or playing on-flight video-game. But instead you are her entertainer for the next eight plus hours.

While I'm trying to block-out noise and take some rest, the couple's taking turn to cheer her up.

While I'm watching on-flight movie, they're playing DVDs with laptop to entertain her.

And when cabin crew conducts the logistics and ready for landing (no more laptop), she's crying again for the next "entertainer".