Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Natural Disaster to Digital Divide

If you have young kid, s/he may get the wrong impression that natural disaster is becoming a norm ... take a look at the historic earthquake, typhoon, flooding.

Techonolgy has advanced to the stage of carrying our society beyond space and time, but we are still trapped when natural disaster strikes. Our communication fails and transportation halts. Weather bureau could only allow us enough time to go home or for shelter. It ironically brings everybody from both sides of digital divide to level playing field, where we could only wait to be rescued.

One may argue that the super-rich could still flee out in-advance, just like those able to get in Titanic's lifeboats.

I'm getting sidetrack ...

Digital society to me should also be safe place for living. Thus under current climax, the adoption of technology in weather forecast and disaster relieve must be factor-in.