Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Financial Impact of Digital Embodiment

One night while watching TV (pressing and switching channels to be more precise), the '6 billion Others' clip shows up. In case you have not heard of it before, here is the web link.

A close-up of a black woman (not sure her origin) has said the following: "I don't pay much attention to the technology and its benefit because I don't get to enjoy them anyway. But I am interested in the person who is using the technology turns into".

Her opinion sounds to me more like a critique. She points out, on one hand, the irony of inventing technology and the digital disparity against the poor. And for those of us who gets to use the technology (work or personal), are we utilise it in such a way to make things better for everyone.

Make no mistake. I'm pro technology. It extends our body and mind, while lowering the barriers of time, space and communication. On a personal standpoint, it is just fascinating to see how different culture adopt technology in their context (perhaps in later blog).

The impact of technology could be equally damaging, if we use it for self-driven motive. For evidence look no further than the current financial crisis. When we empower to after individual (corporate) gain ahead of our community, greed will eventually take over and (with technology) causing financial damage beyond physical time and space allowed.

A quiz. Who are the 'winners' from this financial tsunami?

The irony emerges when the poor who do not have access to technology nor any money to invest are better off, at least initially.