Wednesday, December 22, 2010

EOY in Reflection

Don't you feel that each year seems go faster, and it's now this time of the year again.

So am I really spending my time Getting Things Done, or am I just using quality time on other things and then cramping in the rest.

Chances are, those of us who attach to digital lifestyle is more tied-up and have no time to think and GTD. "iPhone app users spend around 5mins per session. iPad sessions are over 20mins per session" (Gabby Shaw, ABC Innovation). Btw, if you owe one, the following is a great read ('Why I return my iPad').

I do not owe any Tablet, but have recently found an equally time-consuming hobby through online auction. Part of my execuse is the rare opportunity arises in the second-hand market, stirred-up by some European collectors ...

Things have quickly fallen back to earth over past months, among some domestic transition. I could now look forward to what's ahead.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video Killed The Foto World?

I admit that i am a bit of slow burner. It has caught my attention that, a growing realisation where video is becoming the preferred image medium (
link), for Net-gen especially. It comes no surprised that traditional photographer finds it a bit overwhelmed.

I like how Kirk Tuck unpacks the workflow of photography, from a 'manifested' perspective. One would argue how much more efficient it could become if DC is invented without the little screen.

"You may find that clients treat you more like an artist and less like a technician. You’ll find that you will have created a differentiating niche ... sporting a digital Rebel."

But here it is. Photography is now shaped by the pace of digital camera technology. Photo-artist is keen in exploring a new genre of videos, differentiating from cinematic and television.

I only hope it won't be breaking pocket.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All "Dogs" eying Soccer World Cup

I am not real soccer fan. But I embrace the competitive spirit of team sport, so I stay up for the big event.

This World Cup has just completed quarter-final phase, plently of "big-dogs" (like France, Italy, Brazil) already get overthrown. Most analysis that I get have rated their poor performance directly result of team unity (coaching?) and poor umpiring. One loss after another has throttled their fans; advertisers who have spent mega-buck (btw, have you noticed most players in this Nike commercial already been knocked out); and last but not the least, FIFA.

Germany is the "hot-dog" of this World Cup. But had they not performed beyond expectation, the quarter-final would instead feature Argentina vs England, a dream match-up. How could FIFA lets this slip away.

Crediting the local broadcasting networks, they create a new tribe of "sleepy-dogs" who battle to work every morning. With all matches are broadcasted live all night-long, from local restaurant; pub; public big-screen; betting branch; even the mobile-device of the person standing next to you. Commuters won't get miss out either, subway station and ferry pier have the game highlights playing.

Is there anywhere we could get a break from these demoralizing video-clips.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Luv Anime

I grow up in local-made comics and foreign cartoon. While situated in a proximity to Japan, Hongkong has the benefit of viewing many of their most popular Anime and getting first-hand media coverage.

In the early 70s, the Anime being imported are all main-stream series, featuring variety of "hero" type, from humanized role-model to half-human/robots. Anime at the time are iconized as children-friendly. Air-time are concentrated around the children-friendy schedule. No matured content, let alone any "hentai” (cartoon in pornography), can be found at the time. The only way to access alternative genre is through imported Manga or translated version if lucky.

local comics all features the non-robotic type of "heros". These characters are teenagers with little education but great talent in martial-art. They are mostly one-dimentional stereotype, with similiar age and background to the audience, who prefers these comic than any written-form novel.

While I left Hongkong in the 80s, I missed the Anime. I could still access to Hongkong comics overseas, but I missed the variety of genre in Anime and the creativity of storyline.

Monday, April 19, 2010

On-flight Entertainer

On my way from Sydney to Hongkong, I'm sitting two rows behind a young couple with their 1+ year old. Not sure why the infant is not happy, she is crying right from the start.

I feel sympathic to the couple. When you are sitting in the cabin and your infant is crying, your option is limited. You wish that she could be able to entertain on her own, like reading book or playing on-flight video-game. But instead you are her entertainer for the next eight plus hours.

While I'm trying to block-out noise and take some rest, the couple's taking turn to cheer her up.

While I'm watching on-flight movie, they're playing DVDs with laptop to entertain her.

And when cabin crew conducts the logistics and ready for landing (no more laptop), she's crying again for the next "entertainer".

Thursday, January 21, 2010

From Natural Disaster to Digital Divide (Part 2)

See link to first part of this post.

The impact of Haiti's 1.12 earthquake is devastated and compounded by the country's poverty. It just doesn't have the resource to withstand disaster of such magnitude. More problem follows, with the lack of systematic infrastructure to deliver foreign aid to those who desperately needs help.

Out of all the bad news, a survivor is able to hold-on long enough, with the help of his own gadget belonging (link). His story highlights a few interesting points, one being technology (credit to survivor as well) does indeed empowering the chance of survival. Given that poor country's inability to adopt technology for safty and disaster-relieve from top-down, perhaps this will show them some light.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Social Media up against Mass Media

The proposed Express Railway Link project is supposed to benefit most Hongkong people and our children. The Legco's Finance Committee meeting draws thousand of protesters, mostly the pro-80s who, already knowing they're in for a losing battle, have voiced out their displeased.

There is no David vs Goliath ending. Government simply could not lose. They control the disclosure of sensitive information. They have the number in voting. They have the majority backing from consensus. They even dominates air-time of mass media and publicity in high-density area. The G's pushing for a convincing victory.

Government did win, but hearts are on the other side.

The other side is mostly defending their home-turf or seeking fair-play. They don't have financial or political interest. But the strong support they receive from many NGOs cannot be denied (even students show-up in school uniform). Their demonstration is well planned. They have projectors setup in the open and provide simultaneous critic during the lengthy Q&A session. I didn't get a copy of their distribution, but I hear it contains quality counter-argument and very nice printing.

We witness the counter-force of Internet and social media pulling passionate activists together, up against the tactics of mass media publicity.