Sunday, June 28, 2009

Interacting with Idol

Our world has lost a few popular figures recently. One is an icon in pop music, with a few flaws, but nevertheless a hugely popular idol.

Idol seeking has always been within us. "The human heart is a factory of idols" (John Calvin).

Before TV and internet, fans could only be as close as what the print media and radio (audio) provides. Interaction is very indirect but yet provocative, much to do with the element of hidden mystery. I could still remember all those wall posters in my bedroom.

With cable TV and MTV, we could get much closer in real-time and 24/7. The veil of mystery is next to non-existence. The raw and nostalgic feel of excitment is often shortlive, quickly trashed by rumour and private life leaked by someone else who tries to boost their viewer-rating and advertising goal.

With the aid of digital media, fans are now driven by addiction of sort. It is becoming part of life.

Not to worry. With the current capacity of production in film, music and sports (not to mention those American 'heroes' appearing in spike), there won't be any shortage of idol supply.