Thursday, October 15, 2009

My iPhone Journal

On my birthday last year I've received an iPhone as gift. I am so thrilled even with the simple thought of being part of iPhone-user community (the phone is not new and is locked). Since a year has passed, I thought why not drop down a few thought.

My most popular iPhone feature is listening to my iTunes collection. I try to make used the most during my 'down-time', such as morning/evening ride, rewinding session. It's such a late spring for me, as i have not owed any MP3 player until 2+ years ago. I suddenly realise that so much time have been wasted on the road and I have not making used of them.

As I buy into the idea of being productive, audio books becomes the next logical progression. Its selling point of speeding up my reading by tenfold sounds really attractive. Initial result is apparent. I could access several journals and books, equivalent to just 11 hours of audio, anywhere I go. No more wasting time: tick.

I find I could take care many of my daily workflow from work ... replying emails, reading documents, browsing through news snapshot etc. Becoming more productive: tick.

As iPhone becomes part of my daily workflow, I become more aware of backing up my personal data which is being
"lock-in" with the phone itself. It is increasingly apparent that there is an attached condition of being iPhone community, that is, all my data almost have to stay within the walled-garden of Apple brand.

The garden is certainly not a bad place to be, for now. But I wish the decision is come from me.