Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two IT Genius

Steve Jobs simply does thing the way that he knows best, even for his retirement.

He uses minimal word in a letter to communicate his message, leaving his (next to largest) listed company on the same day. Unlike other (American) corporate handover, Mr Jobs has passed the torch at its prime, and executes a smooth transition. But then I realize, isn't this same philosophy that has already been reflected in all his product design: the hardware/software in cool appearance working seamlessly as one.

I love using Apple product, so I may be biased. There is no doubt about the genius of Mr Job and, through his product, his impact to many of us in different part of the world.

This is so true, but only to those of us live in a digital city. As I understand, there is still more than half of the world population whose need will not be filled by iPhone or iPad.

Coincidentally another IT genius is making an impact of different kind, push for the available of cost-effective medication; pollution-free water and nutrient food for children in under-developed countries. That's right, this is Mr Gates (aka the pirates) and his foundation.

The old Bill has never impressed me. But what he and his foundation is trying to achieve is simply awesome.

So two IT genius are changing the world.

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