Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Luv Anime

I grow up in local-made comics and foreign cartoon. While situated in a proximity to Japan, Hongkong has the benefit of viewing many of their most popular Anime and getting first-hand media coverage.

In the early 70s, the Anime being imported are all main-stream series, featuring variety of "hero" type, from humanized role-model to half-human/robots. Anime at the time are iconized as children-friendly. Air-time are concentrated around the children-friendy schedule. No matured content, let alone any "hentai” (cartoon in pornography), can be found at the time. The only way to access alternative genre is through imported Manga or translated version if lucky.

local comics all features the non-robotic type of "heros". These characters are teenagers with little education but great talent in martial-art. They are mostly one-dimentional stereotype, with similiar age and background to the audience, who prefers these comic than any written-form novel.

While I left Hongkong in the 80s, I missed the Anime. I could still access to Hongkong comics overseas, but I missed the variety of genre in Anime and the creativity of storyline.