Wednesday, December 22, 2010

EOY in Reflection

Don't you feel that each year seems go faster, and it's now this time of the year again.

So am I really spending my time Getting Things Done, or am I just using quality time on other things and then cramping in the rest.

Chances are, those of us who attach to digital lifestyle is more tied-up and have no time to think and GTD. "iPhone app users spend around 5mins per session. iPad sessions are over 20mins per session" (Gabby Shaw, ABC Innovation). Btw, if you owe one, the following is a great read ('Why I return my iPad').

I do not owe any Tablet, but have recently found an equally time-consuming hobby through online auction. Part of my execuse is the rare opportunity arises in the second-hand market, stirred-up by some European collectors ...

Things have quickly fallen back to earth over past months, among some domestic transition. I could now look forward to what's ahead.

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