Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Video Killed The Foto World?

I admit that i am a bit of slow burner. It has caught my attention that, a growing realisation where video is becoming the preferred image medium (
link), for Net-gen especially. It comes no surprised that traditional photographer finds it a bit overwhelmed.

I like how Kirk Tuck unpacks the workflow of photography, from a 'manifested' perspective. One would argue how much more efficient it could become if DC is invented without the little screen.

"You may find that clients treat you more like an artist and less like a technician. You’ll find that you will have created a differentiating niche ... sporting a digital Rebel."

But here it is. Photography is now shaped by the pace of digital camera technology. Photo-artist is keen in exploring a new genre of videos, differentiating from cinematic and television.

I only hope it won't be breaking pocket.