Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lessons about Technology

Like most Gen-X, I adore digital lifestyle ... but only to where I feel comfortable with.

My mobile phone has 3G capability but I now stay away from browsing Internet, after tried it out and then hit by $1,500 monthly bill. I listen to music with my good old Ipod Shuffle (bubble gum box) and it refuses to break-down. My digital repository, combining work and personal, splits between my nine-years old G4 PowerMac and a Window XP notebook, which belongs to my dad. I am aware that there is a better alternative available, such as the Intel Mac running parallel OS.

As much as the technology improves my lifestyle, I also learn to deal with its uncertainty. One of my first hard lesson is to beware of the hype of new technology and its life cycle.

When I first purchase my PowerMac, the G4 model is a newly released with a new design (AGP) motherboard. But the same month when the shipment arrives, Apple announces a modified version which includes dual-processors but with the same price. As time moves forward, more new models with improved processor speed has roll-out. Measuring in terms of timeline, it takes 6 months to boost CPU speed by 50%, and another 12 months to double that. Much later I have learned that all of these have a name: Moore's Law.

Over the years I stick with my G4, despite its resale value taking a nose dive right from the start.

It still lets me to do browsing, banking/shopping online (except some web-sites only works with IE), connecting to my social network, listening music and watching video. True, in certain days it may demand more CPU speed and new peripheral support. But as long as it still works, I can live with the trade-off.

The wonderful aspect of forgoing (decision to buy) helps to take away the uncertainty of new technology. This is not difficult to understand but, perhaps to some, not as easy to do. As for me, my desire to keep in touch with the new technology since then has toned down somewhat.

Nowaday I gets fun from refurbishing my old Mac ... leave this for next blog.