Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All "Dogs" eying Soccer World Cup

I am not real soccer fan. But I embrace the competitive spirit of team sport, so I stay up for the big event.

This World Cup has just completed quarter-final phase, plently of "big-dogs" (like France, Italy, Brazil) already get overthrown. Most analysis that I get have rated their poor performance directly result of team unity (coaching?) and poor umpiring. One loss after another has throttled their fans; advertisers who have spent mega-buck (btw, have you noticed most players in this Nike commercial already been knocked out); and last but not the least, FIFA.

Germany is the "hot-dog" of this World Cup. But had they not performed beyond expectation, the quarter-final would instead feature Argentina vs England, a dream match-up. How could FIFA lets this slip away.

Crediting the local broadcasting networks, they create a new tribe of "sleepy-dogs" who battle to work every morning. With all matches are broadcasted live all night-long, from local restaurant; pub; public big-screen; betting branch; even the mobile-device of the person standing next to you. Commuters won't get miss out either, subway station and ferry pier have the game highlights playing.

Is there anywhere we could get a break from these demoralizing video-clips.